Looming Energy / Moral Crisis

Thursday, May 29, 2008

For the past three weeks now, the debate whether Meralco should refund the system loss tax have been all over the media. It has become numbing to listen to the non-stop useless bickering of meralco and the government. The people are once again fooled as all attention are diverted into this pathetic crap when the more important issues should be tackled like the ZTE controversy and the alleged participation of the president in this mockery of the sovereign. I for one believe that instead of bickering over the refund why not propose renewable energy source instead. Government sectors say building new power plants are expensive, not because we do not have enough budget for it, but because there's not enough money to sustain corruption. Certainly the government has lost it's credibility, and if this corruption is permitted to go on for decades, there will be no hope for the filipino people in the future. I say, we must start the moral revolution we are thirsty for. If we do not find a way, no one else will.


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