Saving the Endangered Species of the Philippines

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The endangered species of the Philippines are threatened once more as their dwindling numbers steadily decrease. Is the government doing something about it? Are we doing something to prevent their extinction? These are the questions that boggled me when I heard the news (24 oras) a while ago.
50% of the animal species here in the Philippines belong now in the ever growing endangered list as more forests are razed and formed into agricultural and residential areas to sustain our constantly swelling population. Is this the consequence of our ignorance? Is this the price we have to pay for our blatant apathy not only towards animals but also to the environment as a whole? How much more filthy rivers, denuded mountains, industrial waste spillage, coral reef destruction, extinct animal species and deaths by flash flood, land slide, famine and drought must happen before we even begin to think of our future?
I dare say that in order for this to stop, we have to act now. We need to start becoming sympathetic to our environment. I recently joined Greenpeace and became an online activist because I wanted to act, I wanted to do something before things go out of hand. I think that this one simple step to achieving a greener Philippines. One that we Filipinos can be truly proud of. I will be honest here, when I was young I never dreamed of living my whole lifetime here, I saw myself living abroad. But then again, when I travelled to Pagudpud in the far north of the Philippines, I realized the natural splendor of my own country and how much potential it has. I just hope that each and every Filipino will somehow discover this as well.
I believe that by doing small things we can do away with the big things that bug the country, the world and even the universe. Small things like conserving energy, conserving water, becoming more environmentally conscious will save the big issues of environmental degradation and climate change. In this context, I say our country should begin thinking about saving the forests of our country to stop the growing number of endangered species here. Why not suggest ideas like trading and recycling paper, so that demand for it will decrease, and thus save forests in the end. The recycling issue here is controversial and more likely to fail because we failed to inculcate in the youth the importance of our environment. Even worse they see us doing nothing about our environment, they somehow see it as 'natural' and thus see it as good.
This got to end and it has to end now. Like what I have said before in my past entries, we can do something about this and I really need the help of guys like you. Let's make our world a better place for the next generation to come.


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