Makati Waste Recycling Project: A Model for every Barangay to Adopt

Monday, August 18, 2008

Makati City's barangay-based waste recycling project is an achievement of the local government's endeavor to help promote environmental awareness in a city that contributes a lot to the bulk of garbage Metro Manila dumps in their sanitary land fills. The city's Department of Environmental Services (DES) reported that it generated more than 9000 kilograms of recyclables a month after it was launched.
DES chief Danilo Villar reported that the Baratilyo ng Basura ng Barangay (BBB), a repository of segregated garbage, has collected 9,779.96 kg of mixed wastes including paper, plastic, polyethylene (PET) bottles and junk electronic items among other since it started last July 7.
The BBB is one of the new projects of Makati City, aimed at effectively reducing waste volume generated by the city. Under this project, each of the six clusters in which the city's 33 barangays are subdivided has a designated BBB that serves as the official junk shop which buys recyclables from residents of member barangays. Each cluster is allowed to decide when they will sell to selected junk shops all the recyclables that they have bought from their residents. Earnings from the junk collected are then used to buy needed equipment for the barangay and fund other projects for the community as well.
This is an achievement indeed, proving that with cooperation from the people of the community, problems such as waste management can become a thing of the past. I salute the people behind this project for a job well done!


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