The Rust that Corrodes the Sword

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recently several justices of the Court of Appeals signed a "Covenant of Moral Recovery" led by presiding justice Conrado Vasquez Jr., amid a raging bribery scandal. Vasquez, who was given a severe reprimand by the Supreme Court is still adamant to several sectors pushing for the involved justices to resign, including himself. This was all in connection with Court of Appeals' handling of the management dispute between MERALCO and GSIS.
We can only hope that the commitment of the CA will go beyond the mere signing of a covenant. The Court of Appeals scandal has raised more questions about the integrity of the judiciary system and the extent of corruption in the administration of justice.
i beg to disagree that among all three branches of the government the Judiciary has managed to retain a degree of public trust. Even before this recent turbulence, corruption has plagued the justice halls of this country. Nothing is spared from the rust that corrodes everything. But would they allow the rot in their system to spread? It all depends on them. They have to prove that persons who started this scandal should be punished by the hand that is never biased to anyone especially those with power. the people should see a change in the usual norm. we are hungry for change. We are hungry for answers and we hope that "Covenant for Moral Recovery" attains its avowed objective.


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