26 Things about LIFE

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I actually planned on my birthday to make an essay about my age. 26 things that I have learned about life and I can think of a lot actually, but I have put here the most profound. I cannot say yet that I am perfectly wise but I am sure I am definitely wiser than before. Here are the 26 things I have learned so far...
  1. Always be grateful of your life and everything that happened to you from the past till the present, be it good or bad, because even...
  2. Bad things happen for a reason. They make us stronger and wiser.
  3. First thing in the morning when you wake up, face the mirror and smile. It helps to make a good jumpstart.
  4. Thoughts become things. What you think is what you get.
  5. Pride is a selfish thing. It ruins everything.
  6. Revenge maybe sweet but it is pointless and thus isn't healthy.
  7. What you are right now is the product of how you were raised by your parents, your genes, and your environment.
  8. Luck favors the brave, because if you don't risk and do anything, then nothing will ever happen.
  9. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of friends what matters is that all of them are real.
  10. Real friends are few, so if you have one, treasure them because they are hard to find.
  11. Anger clouds judgement.
  12. If you have nothing good to say then don't speak.
  13. Words are powerful enough to break even the strongest of all bonds, so be careful in choosing words.
  14. Always be courteous and respect others.
  15. Trust and respect are gained but can never be forced.
  16. Give what you have and you shall recieve twice that which you have given.
  17. Be mindful of the time of others.
  18. When you will it, it will happen, because nothing is impossible if you persevere.
  19. Always say thank you when somebody compliments you, or helped you.
  20. And when somebody says thank you, say you're welcome, it pays to be polite.
  21. What is important is now, dont sulk about the past or be ever mindful of the future because...
  22. Time is so precious to be wasted, one it is lost, it is lost forever, so dance like you never danced before, sing like you never sang before, love like you never loved before and live well.
  23. Say sorry when you're at fault, it melts even the coldest of hearts.
  24. Once in a while watch a sunrise, or sunset, or trek with your friends and be amazed by God's wonderful creation. It will make you feel grateful, and at ease.
  25. What you dont have you cannot give, so love yourself and you will be loved.
  26. Always follow the golden rule: Treat others what you want others to treat you.


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