Change: Its Possible

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Experts believed that about 200 babies will be born every hour this year, and most of them will be coming from poor families.

It just annoys me that people always blame the government for not competently implementing family planning especially among the poor. I say, most of us are blatantly ignorant about the situation. We can think of a thousand reasons why we can't avail of the government's contraceptive methods, they say the queue is so long they can't wait, or the clerks at health centers are unapproachable, or they are afraid of side effects this contraceptives have, they are afraid of their husbands, the methods are so hard to follow, and the list goes on. But have we asked ourselves, "what is going on in our country? what can i contribute to my country to address the looming population crisis? what can i do to become a change agent myself?"
I still believe that we can make our own destinies. God gave us free will for us to make choices, and in doing so become responsible for making our choices, that's why we are at the top of the food chain, that's why we have evolved, its because we are rational beings and that seperates us from animals.
The young generation now are becoming more and more promiscuous. What is more alarming is that even persons who had proper education and had medical knowledge like me are the ones who do not practice safe sex. Condoms should be a must-have.
I am afraid that if nothing is done to address this problem, this situation may become a hopeless case. Everybody has the right to know, to be informed, and I hope that this can help. I hope that my message will be heard and not fall on deaf ears, because this is only the tip of the iceberg, a part of a larger issue our country is facing. There is corruption, the economy and even on a larger scale is climate change. There are still a lot to do before we can even address at least one of the pressing issues of our time but we have to make a choice now to help our country one step at a time, addressing even the basic things that hamper our development, because when we accomplish small things we can do away with big things in the future and I think I did. How about you?


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